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‘Colouring the Nation’ online exhibition is now live!
Hosted by National Museums Scotland, this online exhibition contains over 500 high resolution images which demostrate the extent and diversity of the Turkey Red Collection of pattern books in the National Museums Scotland.  It also contains a number of essays by Dr Stana Nenadic and Dr Sally Tuckett, bringing together research conducted over the past two years.
The exhibition can be found at by clicking this link: Colouring the Nation Online Exhibition
8885 - close up

** New Publications **

For an update on the current findings of the project and a description of the Turkey Red Collection at the National Museums Scotland see ‘Colouring the Nation: A New In-Depth Study of the Turkey Red Pattern Books in the National Museums Scotland’ by Sally Tuckett and Stana Nenadic in Textile History, 43 (2), pp.161-181, November 2012.

Further images from the Turkey Red Collection and a brief description of the project’s progress can be found in the latest edition of the National Museums volunteer publication, The Explorer



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