Pattern of the Week

Each week a pattern will be chosen from the Turkey Red Collection of pattern books in the National Museums Scotland and showcased here.  Unless stated otherwise, each image is © National Museums Scotland, with kind permission of Coats Plc.

WEEK 52: Multicoloured pattern with cows and a carriage 

WEEK 52This is a detail from a large fabric sample which has a multicoloured pattern of flowers, parrots and, as you can see here, an ornate carriage being pulled by cows.  There is a mirror image of this motif on the other side of the fabric and in between is an image of a man riding an elephant.  It is likely that the two different design motifs could have been mixed and matched with other design elements.

It is not known which of the three Vale of Leven firms produced this pattern but it is from a pattern book which was in use in the 1860s and 1870s.

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